About Us

Tiebreakers is a premier entertainment eatery destination for guests seeking unique games, a superior rewards system, delicious food, exceptional service, and a fun environment where everyone is invited to relax and have fun.

Our Mission

To give guests the royal treatment with a fun, inviting escape from the ordinary.

Our Vision

To reimagine the dining and entertainment experience through unique games, a fun menu, a space curated for recreation, and exceptional service that creates a welcomed escape from the everyday.

Our Values

We take pride in giving our guests the royal treatment with exceptional service, superior games and rewards, an exciting menu, and a space designed for their enjoyment. This invigorating environment and level of excellence is achieved by holding true to our values.


At our core, we are fueled by a passion for fun—we look for or create it in all that we do. It is the reason for our existence, and what drives us to pursue superior entertainment experiences.


Every decision, whether it’s our games, menu, decor, or guest interactions, is made to create an inviting experience that ensures anyone who visits Tiebreakers is always a guest and never a customer.


We push ourselves to exceed expectations in the pursuit of superior experiences for our guests and the Tiebreakers team.


To provide our guests have an entertaining experience, we stay focused on ways to make Tiebreakers the best it can possibly be.


We are a space where competition and camaraderie collide and your imagination takes the lead, and we are always actively thinking of ways to elevate and expand upon that experience.

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